Ann Testimonial “The office staff is friendly, the appointment times are honored, and the process is not stressful. The improvements in my personal and professional life are outstanding!
So many of us have our children and grandchildren living out of town or out of state. Understanding conversations over cell phones, Skype or face time is made much clearer using my hearing aids. It is one of the best things I ever did for myself!” – Ann, Pittsford
Emma Testimonial “I don’t have to raise my hand and ask my teachers ‘what’ anymore. Now when I play basketball I hear my coach and teammates just fine! I am not embarrassed because no one even sees my hearing aids, they are so small. Dr. Hart was very nice. I really like going there.” – Emma, Perinton
Jim Testimonial “The Staff at Hart Hearing Centers are professional and caring, Peter and Steve demonstrated total concern for my comfort and satisfaction. They took all the time necessary to insure perfect fit and performance; overall my experience was and continues to be outstanding!
I am actually hearing better than I can ever remember hearing! The hearing aids have made a wonderful improvement in my relationships with the people around me and my overall quality of life!” – Jim, Rochester
Priscilla Testimonial
“My experience with Hart hearing has been nothing less than Great!!  “The Hart experience” starts when you walk in and everyone from the front desk staff to practitioner, treat you like an old friend.
I found out I needed hearing aids at 40 something, who would have thought? The world is a different place when you can hear…EVERYTHING!  Because of the great care at Hart Hearing I did not have any hesitation. Thank you Hart Hearing!” – Priscilla, Brighton
Wease Testimonial “You’ll love what you hear with your hearing enhancers! They changed my life! No more playing ‘stump the old deaf guy’ at home. Dr. Hart is the man!” –Wease, Webster
Ronald Testimonial The hearing aid improves quality of life for me and my family. It’s comfortable, light and unobtrusive-I’m barely aware I’m wearing it.”  Dr. Ronald Pulli, Otolaryngologist, (ENT)
Sydney Testimonial I wanted hearing aids that wouldn’t show and found exactly what I was looking for. They sound a lot better too.” –Sydney Debolt
Walter Testimonial “For the longest time I said, I’ll check into hearing aids.  But something always came up and I put it off.  Finally, after not being able to understand a simple food request at a movie theatre from my wife and daughter, I realized I had to reach out to the experts at Hart Hearing.  After a comprehensive hearing test in one short visit, Hart recommended several options and then I chose my aids – the difference was immediate and remarkable.  And most of my friends and acquaintances don’t even notice my hearing aids. They are that small!  But they are little giants when it comes to the quality of what I can now hear.” -Walter Colley
Jesus Testimonial “When I’d answer my wife according to what I thought she said, it got me in trouble. Plus, I couldn’t hear TV programs. I went to Hart Hearing Centers and was very pleased with how they handled everything. Courteous, respectful and quick. Now I enjoy hearing my wife and my favorite programs.  Don’t wait like I did. Get them and don’t miss out on anything anymore.” -Jesus A., 10-year patient
Ann Testimonial “My hearing aids are like my best friend.  They complete my world.  They’re that important.  Hart knows how to make the most of what you have.  For me, I missed conversations in the car.  Now I hear them. Hart helps bring dignity to something I’ve lost.  Getting the right aid for your loss is the difference between watching color TV or B&W.” -Anne W., 25-year patient
Nancy Testimonial “I think people naturally hate to admit that they need hearing aids. My husband has a really soft voice.  Hart makes it easier for both of us. Without the aids, I’d still be saying, “what did you say.”  Or worse, I’d miss key words in conversations and leave with the wrong understanding. Get the aids, it will really help.” -Nancy B., 8-year patient


I have been wearing my new hearing aid for about a month and I am amazed at the differences I am experiencing. I have worn hearing aids in the past and wanted to try something new. I have to admit, I did not expect such a drastic difference! Family gatherings and restaurants are so much easier to hear in. Another benefit I wasn’t expecting was that I have more energy; it doesn’t take as much effort to hear and understand as it did before. I encourage anyone who is struggling to hear to at least try hearing instruments; don’t sit back and wait! It can really improve the quality of life, as it has with mine.
— Penny Rose

As the new owner of a pair of Delta hearing aids, I can wholeheartedly say that they are a huge improvement over my old hearing aids. The clarity is remarkable, but the thing I like the most is that they are comfortable. I find that I wear them all the time in contrast to the old ones, which stayed on the shelf a good part of the time. There is no crunching sound when chewing and phone conversations are a breeze. I would recommend them very highly.
— Dr. Stuart H. Wax

I was quite apprehensive about trying new hearing aids since my old ones made me feel stuffed up. When I tried on the new aids I was amazed with the comfort, performance and clarity – no stuffed up feeling. At a party that evening I heard my grandchildren clearly for the first time. Best of all no one noticed I was wearing hearing aids. I have since recommended the Delta hearing aids to many of my friends. Two of them have already switched to Delta and both have thanked me. They should be thanking Hart Hearing Centers instead.
— Joe Rossi

Adjusting to hearing aids requires some dedication to improving your hearing. Hearing aids will add to the quality of your life experiences. Once you accept that you need Hearing aid help and have established the habit of wearing aids, you will see how worthwhile it is. I am proud, but I want to hear what is going on around me. Life is too short to be so proud that I miss important moments. I would much rather hear my granddaughter’s whisper or my doctors’ instructions. My hearing aids are my friends. To go without them is unthinkable. Of coarse there are adjustments, but what new opportunities do not require adjustments. I am no longer nodding and smiling without really understanding what had been said. I am so grateful that I can better enjoy social situations and to hear my granddaughter’s soft voice.
— Barbara Gibson

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