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MP3/iPod Listening Tips

One of the newer sources of NIHL are personal stereo devices, such as iPods and mp3 players. These have the ability to produce wonderful sound quality, but at potentailly damaging levels. Following the guidelines below will help ensure safe listening while using such devices.

Tips for listening to an MP3 player

  • Follow the 60/10 Rule: For every 60 minutes of listening, give your ears 10 minutes of quiet. The delicate hair cells in the cochlea will have a chance to "relax" 
  • Try not to exceed about 60-75% maximum volume. If you have to turn it up for the one favorite song, remember to turn it back down when the song is over
  • Bye bye earbuds! Change your headphone style to the type that fit over the ear. This will block out sounds around you and allow the same perceived loudness at less intense levels
  • Limit the maximum volume of iPod using software in Nano and 5th generation versions